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The CEIR Index Event Performance Analyzer (IEPA) is designed to provide organizers a benchmark for how their exhibition is performing against the CEIR Index metrics: Net Square Feet (NSF), Number of Exhibitors, Professional Attendance and Real Revenue (inflation adjusted revenue). For more information on the CEIR Index and methodology, go HERE .


Instructions for completion:

Select the sector of your event. To view the subsectors for each, see CEIR Index Subsectors.

  • Net Exhibit Space:  List total exhibit net square feet sold for the event, including space provided for non-cash consideration (does not include aisle space or meeting rooms).
  • Total Exhibiting Companies at the Event: List number of companies and other organizations with exhibit space at your event, including exhibit space swapped or provided for other non-cash consideration.
  • Total Professional Attendance at the Event: List the number of professionals attending your event. Exclude exhibiting company personnel, friends and family, staff, or other non-business attendees.
  • Total Revenue of the Event: List the total revenue for your event from all sources: the sale of exhibit space, conference fees, advertising, sponsorships and all other revenue. The IEPA will automatically compute real revenue by adjusting your nominal revenue with consumer price index for all urban consumers.
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We hope you find this new tool helpful. If you have any feedback, please contact CEIR.